Paytm Bank: Apply Free Debit Card and Get Free Home Delivery

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about how you can apply aTM card to your own. Patmi launched its ChatmM Bank and because of that, you can easily open an account in the bank, for this you need to make Aadhaar card Will happen.

Paytm-Bank-Apply-Free-Debit-CardIf you have opened an ID account then it is very good that for this you will have to open an account in. Once the account is opened in Bar Patmi, you can apply for ATM.

At the moment ATM has given the facility of digital ATM but can also apply for Normal paytm. Now carefully read the procedure given below and order a new Paytm for yourself.

  1. First, You need to download Paytm app
  2. After downloading this app, I’ll have to click on the icon given to me on the bank
  3. After clicking on the bank, like Wiki, then you can see your debit card digital debit card.
  4. After clicking on the Digital Debit Card, you will be blackened, you will meet the entire ATM Details with CV
  5. You will get the request card option
  6. By clicking on it, you can order ATM card at your home
  7. To use Paytm’s ATM you will have to pay ₹ 120 each year

I hope you understand this information and knowledge in detail if you can comment


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