Cashify Coupons Code and Offers + Extra upto Rs. 250

cashify offer and Coupon

Cashify Coupons: Presenting the best way to sell your product online at best and Higher resale price in comparison to Amazon Flipkart and paytm + get Extra Rs. 150 by using a coupon code.

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I am sure, you are looking to sell your old product online and you have already tried to exchange your product on Amazon Flipkart, and paytm I am sharing the best source where you can get more resale value for your product which you want to sell your mobile phone laptop to tablets gaming.

How to get high resale value of your old product on + Extra Rs 150

  1. First of all, you need to visit here sell your old product.
  2. Select your category which you want to sell like if you want to sell your mobile phone then select mobile phone similarly another category available for laptop tablet TV iMac and gaming console
  3. After selecting your category, you need to choose the brand of your device you can select your current brand which you are already using.
  4. Now You need to select your model.
  5. Then you need to select some questions like what is your condition of the device, any issue with the device if there is no issue just don’t choose any option and click on next
  6. At the final page, you will get the option of getting the current resale value of your product
  7. Ex. If the value is 5000 you can get an extra 150 Rupees by using coupon code at the time of placing an order.
  8. Use Cashify Coupon Code: CFJLDZ
  9. You just need to enter the coupon code and 150 rupees extra Just by Using cashify coupon code
  10. Cashify Courier partner will come and collect your product Then Cashify will pay you payment
  11. You can even select vouchers option at the time of placing the order. Select e-commerce vouchers you will get extra benefits up to 10%.
  12. Use that voucher for your next shopping means you are availing best and good deal for your old device.


After doing long research, we have found a source where you can sell your product at best and high resale within 2 min. I think you may not aware of cashify gives you a best and excellent resale value of your mobile phone laptop tablet TV and gaming console among all other websites

You may think of buying new products from shopping websites, many websites are offering exchange offer on which avail the exchange facility on Flipkart Amazon to get a discount on your new product. but if I say you-you can get the more resale value of your current device.

You can even sell if it is not working or if have some issue with your device, you can even sell that device also. So here I discussing cashify how you can sell your product at best resale value.

If you are looking for exchanging your mobile phone laptop tablet TV iMac and gaming console on other ecommerce website but not getting good resale value then try steps.

Now if have any question or concern about the how to use casify. In just comment below I am here to help you at any time

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