Mcent Browser Unlimited Point Trick

Hello friends, we are talking about how you can get Unlimited free recharges using Mcent browser, before starting this you must have an Android phone with internet connection with you to get the unlimited recharge.

If I will tell you there is an app which pays you when you use internet on your mobile phone. Yes, we are talking about mcent browser which helps you to make online money just by browsing the web.


Surf any website or videos and mcent browser will pay you in the form of free recharge.

Just you need to use normally as the regular Internet, and you will recharge in free recharge.

Mcent browser unlimited point trick: we have shared a method to get free unlimited mcent browser point, which can be redeemed in the form of recharges

Point Before starting mcent unlimited point trick:



Point After starting mcent unlimited point trick:


Let’s start to help you understand how to get free mcent browser point.

How to get free unlimited mcent browser point trick:

  1. First, click here to download Mcent browser or download mcent browser apk on your mobile phone
  2. Now go to your browser’s search bar paste Copy Link>> “” and press enter this link
  3. This link is meant for an auto refresh after every 2 sec.
  4. Now Open a new tab and check your point, now it is automatically increasing without doing any work.
  5. You can also use mcent browser for pc and earn using your laptop
  6. Redeem your mcent point to recharge your number.
  7. You’ll get extra point for daily use of mcent browser.

Hope you can comment below if you have information I provided went aware went you understand that there is no problem

41 Comments on “Mcent Browser Unlimited Point Trick”

    1. Hi Shekhar, How can i help you if you want unlimited mcent browser points then you need to paste the url in your mcent browser as mentioned above

      1. Mcent browser administration team team restricted some measure….we can only earn 5000 _ 6000 points per day…….first 1000 points easily get by just surfing……….the only way to earn points quickly is inviting friends… xposed module not supporting in new version………… refresh pages and links on website only provide heat and consume data…..and take a long time

        Here is the simple practical fact…..just think………if we all looting 100000 per day i.e ₹ 100 then how can mcent run their administration in profitable way and then so they restrict our points earning………..

        1. There may be a limit of earning point but this is still working and you can earn mcent unlimited point which can be used to recharge your mobile number.

        1. Yes, As per recent update from mcent browser they have limited the point from surfing to 1000, you can try to install old mcent available in our website just search for mcent and install the app

    1. you can use the make me happy link, to earn free mcent unlimited point, and to earn paytm cash through mcent browser you can ask someone to pay you through paytm cash and you can recharge his mobile number using mcent free points

  1. Why addition of points decreases when 1000 to 1500 earned per day ?Can you please explain to me about it?

    1. In New version you can see your point instead of Rupees, using point you can recharge your mobile number for free

      1. please sir tell me what is the solution for mcent browser in recharge because I have seen error always when I try to recharge my number please solution

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