How to Remove Password from PDF File?

Presenting the best way to remove password from pdf file, it will take only 2 min to remove password from pdf file if you know the password. it is very irritating that you need to open the same file and you need to enter the password again and again.


You may be thinking to remove the password from pdf file.

How to Remove Password from PDF File if I Know the Password:

If you using Chrome on Windows, macOS, Linux, or Chrome OS, then no need to install any software or application to remove the password.

You can remove password from your chrome browser only.

  1. First, open pdf file and enter your existing password.
  2. Enter Ctrl+P, You will get the print option.
  3. Change the destination option to “Save as pdf”
  4. Now click on save button
  5. Now the new will saved on your computer without a password.
  6. You the new pdf for your it will not ask for any password.

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