How to Port Switched Off Mobile Number or MNP Damaged Sim Card

Are you looking to port your Aircel switched off sim number or switched off sim MNP process? If yes, I am here to help you. As you are already aware the current situation of Aircel network in India and if you are looking to port number from another number to any other number In many regions, Aircel headset down its Network and many users face for generating port code to switching other numbers.

If your number is switched off and you are looking for porting your switched off number then it is very difficult. But I would like to inform you that after reading below verified steps you can easily port your Aircel switch off or damaged sim card number. It’s very simple and easy step to generate port code for switched off mobile number.

So let’s see, How you can port switched off sim number to another network by simply making a call from the other operator.

How to Port Switched Off Mobile Number (MNP Process):

  1. You just need to make a call from any other operator to 09852012345.
  2. Enter your last 5 digits of switched off mobile number.
  3. You will receive your port code from the number you have called.
  4. Using this, You can generate UPC code for your mobile number of which network is not working.


How to port out of Aircel to any other operator?

  1. Call Aircel customer care from below list mobile number as per your preferred state. Aircel Customer care by the state.
  2. Bihar & jharkhand : 9852012345, Delhi : 9852012345, Andhra Pradesh : 9700012345, Assam : 9854012345, Kolkatta : 9804012345, Tamil naidu : 9750999209 /9551299210, Rajesthan : 9782012345, Chennai : 98410 12345, Haryana : 9802012345, Himachal Pradesh : 9857012345, Karnataka : 9738012345, Kerala : 9809012345, Madhya Pradesh : 9806012345, Maharashtra : 9762012345, Mumbai : 9768012345, Orrisa : 9856012345, Punjab : 9803012345, Uttar Pradesh : 9808012345, West Bengal : 9851012345, Jammu & Kashmir : 9858012345
  3. Upon calling, the first prompt asks if you’re a registered Aircel user or not. Tap the number accordingly. For me, it was “2”.
  4. Then, the second prompt asks you if you want to generate your UPC code. Tap the number accordingly.
  5. Enter your Aircel number. Then, enter the last 5 digits of your SIM number.
  6. Wait for some time (a few seconds, particularly), till it generates the code.
  7. Note down the code or record the call, as per your convenience.
  8.  Now go to the operator’s office you want to port in to with the UPC code & your Aadhaar card xerox copy.
  9. The official there will take your details & provide you another SIM card with the same number, after chargin’ you some basic amount. (For Vodafone, it’s ₹19, in my place.)
  10. Your SIM card will be activated within a few days, as prescribed by the operator.

Note :

  • If the biometrics of your Aadhar card are locked, then unlock them first, before going to the operator’s office.
  • If the Aircel number is your primary number and is the main number that is linked with Aadhar card, then use an Aadhaar card of your friend or a family member to get the SIM card activated.
  • After successful activation, unlock the biometrics of your own Aadhar card & take the copy of the card to the operator’s office and update the details of your SIM with your own Aadhar card.

Hope above resolution is working for you if you face any issue feel free to comment below, I will help you to resolve your porting issue.

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